Northern Vacations

Northwest Territories Adventure Company. Vacations for the spirited soul.

If you’re reading this, we don’t need to describe everything the Northwest Territories have to offer. We know you you’ve already done your homework. In fact, if you've found your way here, it's a pretty safe bet that we know a little about you. You see, we talk to intrepid travellers just like you every day.

You have an inner passion for new adventures. When it calls, you answer. Then you pack your bags and hit the road. You travel as far as it takes to rediscover the real you. Your instincts tell you the North is the next place for you. We agree. And we can help.

The Northwest Territories Adventure Company offers a wide variety of exciting vacation options throughout the North designed to give you the greatest amount of choice, and the most value we can squeeze into your holiday. And we've designed these programs so you can experience the grand scale of the North’s nature, and enjoy your adventure in the wilds without breaking too much of a sweat. The heart of an explorer indeed falls hard for the epic adventure of the North, but that doesn’t mean the body can’t enjoy a soft landing! On our tours - even those on the softer side of adventure - you can expect a constant buzz of excitement to keep you from falling asleep, not aching muscles.

Your instincts say the North offers the rare experience that delivers the goods. So, come and experience the North’s stunning landscapes, exciting historical attractions, and spirited local folks for yourself.

Go with your gut. It knows why. The Northwest Territories Adventure Company can help.

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